Hidden & Dangerous 2 Sabre Squadron Patch 1.12


I’m just adding this file as a backup if the H&D fan site goes down.

Download Link: HD2 PATCH 1.12 zip

This patch synchronizes Hidden and Dangerous 2 with Sabre Squadron.

General :

– Aiming with weapon slightly modified – less motion, depence on stamina removed
– Hold breath action while using sniper rifle added (action button)
– Crawling modified because of possible map exploits
– Fixed bug with renaming profile
– Explosion code modified (RPGs, Tanks, granades)
– First aid for player and player AI adjusted and animation added
– Fixed few bugs in tactical mode
– Fixed bugs in Game Interface
– Possible problems with fences fixed
– Dog AI behaviour bug fixed
– Granades can be now thrown through tree foliage
– Item physics adjusted
– Some sound issues fixed
– MP44 damage increased by 15%
– Dispersion of BAR increased by 7%
– Hold command fixed

Singleplayer :

– Load/Save bugs fixed
– Problems while restarting mission fixed
– AI vehicle driving modified
– AI pathfinding modified

Multiplayer :

– Respawn bug fixed
– MP commands added
– Dedicated server crashes fixed
– Client crashes fixed
– Possible problems while using sticky bomb fixed
– Voting system modified
– Optimalisation of data transfer
– Synchronisation of server and client improoved
– Create Server Menu modified

Player AI :

– Changing weapons improoved
– Reaction to enemy improoved
– Executing orders improoved
– Usage of static weapons improoved
– Healing improoved
– Pathfinding modified and improoved
– Reloading improoved
– More messages added
– Perception system improoved
– Others minor bugs fixed

Enemy AI :

– Bugs while using ladder fixed
– Bugs while using tank cannon fixed
– Perception system improoved
– Reaction while taking hits modified
– Some other minor adjustments and tweaks

Source: h&d2