Dash Developer Releases Audio Call with Apple

Bogdan Popescu, Kapeli Developer, behind the Dash App released a statement today regarding his apple dev account suspension.

I was not aware my account was linked to another until Apple contacted me Friday, 2 days after closing my account. I was never notified of any kind of wrongdoing before my account was terminated.

What Apple has done: on Friday they told me they’d reactivate my account if I’d make a blog post admitting some wrongdoing. I told them I can’t do that, because I did nothing wrong. On Saturday they told me that they are fine with me writing the truth about what happened, and that if I did that, my account would be restored. Saturday night I sent a blog post draft to Apple and have since waited for their approval.

Tonight Apple decided to accuse me of manipulating the App Store in public via a spokesperson.

Sounds to me like he is in the wrong here. He is trying to fight it on the technicality that he wasn’t the only one with the access to his other account, but both the accounts are linked to his bank account.

And what Apple was asking from him wasn’t really a big deal at all IMO, so I think he should have taken the deal.

Here is the backup of the audio: