What’s this blog about?

Personal writings about tech, coding, how-tos, games, music, and entertainment.

Some Things I’ve done in my free time:

– The Office Trivia on Amazon Alexa

– Some popular Alexa Skills Apps I’ve made

– Filr.tv, a fun and easy YouTube Client

– Spacer Arcade Game for iOS

– Some fun and useful iOS apps

– Ionic 1 Starter Templates

– IntelliBrain™-Bot Bluetooth Controller (PDF)

– A Study on Robotics (PDF)

The Rubber Chicken Fix

The term “Rubber Chicken Fix” refers to holding a rubber chicken above a problem, often perplexing, and having the problem fix itself. The phrase can be applied to a variety of scenarios. Realistically, the solution to the problem cannot be explained so a rubber chicken is introduced to offer an explanation of how it was corrected.

Source: Wikipedia.

The term was made famous by the 90s video game The Secret of Monkey Island.