Jimmy John’s Bread Wasting Ways

Ok this one is not related to software or experience but is just a plain bad design and a horrible waste of resources. Jimmy John’s has been making sandwiches since 1983 at over 2000 locations and it’s safe to say they are stuck in their ways. They still prepare their sandwiches by scooping out the bread in the middle and throwing it in the trash. Yes, their sandwich making algorithm includes throwing part of the sandwich in the trash.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 2.48.09 PM

How many subs were hollowed out to date? Estimate math:

2000 locations * 100 subs a day (guesstimate) * 365 days * 30 yrs

= 2 190 000 000 subs

We can’t know how many subs they sell on average day but I suspect it’s higher than 100.

Now this is a lot different than throwing away old food that wasn’t purchased. This is throwing away food every time someone makes a purchase! Wow.

This scooped out leftover bread could be used for things like making croutons for soups or salads, salted bread chips or pretzels. But instead it’s thrown in the trash by design.

The other solution would have been to bake the bread with a mold so it caves in the middle right out of the oven. Either way, please stop.