Will Snapchat’s new Spectacles be a bust?

The Verge on Snapchat’s new Spectacles product:

But for now, it’s time to play, experiment, and create new things. Adopting new technologies is easy when they’re actually fun to play with, and at $129.95 this technology should be fairly accessible for those who can find the vending machine robot.

In an area where trying too much has been the death knell for too many products, Snapchat is keeping things very simple and streamlined with Spectacles. The polish is in the details, but it’s all designed to create a fun, frictionless zone for people to do one very important thing: create and share.

Is there a market for 30 second low quality videos? Maybe. But at $130 they’re not that accessible, and even if they were much cheaper I still think they will be a big bust for Snapchat.