The All New Pebble Watch 2 Is Out

Pebble Watch 2

Brian Heater, reporting for TechCrunch:

The smartwatch landscape is virtually unrecognizable from where it was four and half years ago when Pebble first entered the scene via Kickstarter. Much of Pebble’s initial appeal was thanks to it being one of the first big players on the scene, and the startup is hoping its simplicity was a big part of its success, as well.

As such, the device doesn’t represent a huge upgrade over its predecessor. The addition of health functionality is nice, as is the overall streamlining of the hardware. Users who have been waiting for an upgrade to the baseline Pebble will appreciate the touches here and there, and certainly the $129 price point and several-days-long battery are nice touches.

But it’s hard to shake the feeling that, after all this time, the company that put smartwatches on the map really ought to be doing more to shake things up several years after it first hit the scene.

I hope they succeed, but I have yet to see anyone wearing a pebble watch in the real world.