Tesla Model 3 Review AutoSteer and AutoPilot

Ars Technica reporting:

Autosteer, when engaged, behaves more like a human driver than the best lane keeping systems we’ve tested from other car makers. Specifically, the car makes a lot of microcorrections to its line between the lane markings.

This doesn’t seem functionally better or worse than the more robotic nature of a system like Cadillac’s Super Cruise, but it was noteworthy. I did find that the Model 3’s software prefers to stick closer to the right-side lane marking than I’d prefer. This would be fine except for the occasions where your lane suddenly widens (for example when there’s an exit on a freeway).

In these instances, I found the Model 3 would lunge toward the right, sometimes alarmingly so, requiring me to override the steering input. For this reason alone, I would urge any Model 3 driver to always heed the car’s instructions to keep your hands on the wheel at all times.

Scary. We need safer cars not self driving cars.